Creating Timeless Interiors for Luxury Residences

Choosing a designer can be a daunting process. This relationship is important in helping you create the perfect space for you and your family. Interior Design is not just about pretty things, it's about the way a space functions, how easy it is to use, and how it makes you feel. Space utilization, lighting, color, texture, sound... all have an effect on how we relate to an environment.  

What makes BWID unique is that we are a luxury interior design firm dedicated to “future proofing” interior environments. We use classic details and an abundance of texture to help create a feeling of relaxation the minute you walk in the door. We understand how color and light reacts in different spaces. We pay close attention to the flow of each space. We respect our client’s time and money, coordinate everything, and act as their “interior concierge” to make their home reflect their personality and lifestyle.

Our specialty is a calm, methodical, and process-oriented approach working through challenges in a proactive way, which delivers a drama-free experience. It’s always somewhat stressful to have your home under construction and having a flexible and organized designer makes the process go as smoothly as possible. 

Being experienced in a wide breadth of styles, from traditional to contemporary, allows us to create an interesting, inviting, and curated look. We often blend styles and take a more architectural approach to interior spaces, which in turn creates a more classic interior. Our goal is to make our client’s home or vacation property lovely, comfortable, and timeless; a luxury retreat of which they can be proud. 

True success is measured by the people you affect. Our clients have trusted us to work on multiple homes for them around the US and abroad. Referrals are the best compliment we receive and a wonderful marker of success; when clients use our services year after year and recommend us to their friends and relatives, we know we have achieved our goal. 

Want more information? Request a download of  "How to Hire an Interior Designer".

Elevation Drawing - Powder Room

Rendering - Powder Room

Powder Room - Wallpaper Detail and Installation

 our process


Our design process starts with meetings with the client, architect, landscape designer, and contractor to gather information about the project. 

We listen carefully to the client's wishes and dreams as well as the challenges they may have with each space, and talk about their budget. 

Architectural Design Development

The project concept is derived from our client's lifestyle, needs, and wish list, and the architecture and feeling of the home. 

We gather ideas for flooring materials, wall surfaces, ceiling details, wood and stone finishes, cabinetry, and exterior finishes.

Construction Documentation

Next we define and design all of the interior architectural elements of the project: doors and windows; mill work; cabinetry; fireplace surrounds; staircases; plumbing fixtures; light fixtures; appliances; and hardware. 

We compile specification information for the client and contractor, and finalize Auto CAD drawings for bidding purposes and execution of all interior details.

Materials Specification

We then specify materials for all interior surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, bathrooms and kitchens, and fireplace surrounds. 

We are as involved as the client wishes in the selection or approval of any exterior materials.


Periodic visits are made to the job site during construction. 

We attend meetings with the contractor, architect, and sub-contractors to ensure that our vision is being executed, as well as making any necessary on-site design decisions.

Interior Decor Design Development

An interior color palette is determined, and furniture placement is finalized. Entry and egress to each space is verified, as well as the direction of any natural light, and correct proportion, scale, and balance of every room. 

Functional design elements are reviewed to ensure ease of use.

With client feedback, we fine-tune furniture selections. A master budget is established and reviewed. All interior finishes are selected: wall coverings; window coverings; fabrics; rugs; and decorative lighting; to create a highly personalized interior.


Once all items are approved by the client, we generate purchase orders for the various vendors. 

Orders are verified for accuracy, and checked for timely completion and shipping. 

Once ready to ship, the items are inventoried and consolidated by our delivery company, Designers Delivery Service.


After construction is completed, decorative lighting, floor coverings, wall paper and faux finishes are completed. 

The next Installations include window coverings, furniture and rug placement, art hanging, accessorizing, and any outfitting of closets and cabinets.


Finally, we conduct a walk-through to ensure no details have been overlooked. 

Punch lists are completed and your home ready for you to start a new chapter of your life in your fabulous new space!

Elevation Drawing - Powder Room

Rendering - Powder Room (Front & Side View)

Powder Room Installation