Home Remodeling & Renovation Facts

Your home is a big investment and remodeling or renovation has the potential to produce a higher resale price when it comes time to sell.

Kitchen renovations have almost a 95 percent return on your investment. Since people want their kitchen to reflect the most current design style and trends, this room becomes outdated faster than any other area of the home. A base palette of neutral colors helps lengthen the amount of time between "refreshing". Kitchens should be as functional as they are beautiful, so adding things like a sink in a center island, or changing from a single oven to a double can help add value to the room. Adding or changing lighting can be one of the best investments you make for this room. Under cabinet lighting is a must, as is task specific lighting and the type of bulb that is specified.

Homes with multiple bathrooms almost always sell for a higher price, so adding a bathroom will usually pay off. Some of the more popular bathroom accoutrements include whirlpool or large soaking tubs, steam showers, shower functions (body sprays, rain showers, hand showers),separate sinks, vanity areas, storage options, and water closets. Here too is where lighting can really pay off. A poorly lit bathroom is a chore to use. When properly lit, you don't even notice the lighting, but the glow of your skin, the color of the walls, the glint of the tile, the art...

Home Office
With more people working at home either part or full time, a home office can really add to the value of your home. The most desirable is a detached building, similar to a guest house. Barring that, any room with its’ own access makes a good candidate for a home office. For even the most cramped quarters, an unused corner can be turned into a home office space with the right space planning.

Adding bedrooms to a small house can help increase the value of the home. Make sure that you maintain the character and architecture of the home and consider the architectural style of your neighborhood. Most homeowners associations require approval before undertaking any room addition, and the best advice is to hire a licensed general contractor along with an interior designer.

Enlarging the master bedroom and creating a "master suite" has become quite popular. Families with older children find this personal retreat a well needed luxury. Adding a sitting area, a fireplace, a deck, all help to create a feeling of oasis in the hustle bustle of today's world.