Creating Timeless Interiors for Luxury Residences

I love layers, shapes, contrast, texture. I started out college intent on studying Studio Art. After taking an Architecture course I realized my passion lay in structure, form, and the manipulation of space. I was lost forever to the world of buildings and design! 

I received my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Business Administration from the Department of Design Sciences in the College of Architecture at Arizona State University. For over a decade I worked for a mix of architects and designers, in California, Hawaii, and Arizona. My projects included model homes, high-end residential, hotels and restaurants, government offices, corporate facilities, auto dealerships, even the labyrinth of offices at (and under) Disneyland… all sorts of projects all over the world. I learned as much about what not to do as what to do.

Luckily this exposure allowed me to experience not only all types of projects, but all sorts of genres and styles, from contemporary to traditional. Working in such different locales, each with their own codes, regulations, and idiosyncrasies, forced me to approach project obstacles as challenges to overcome rather than problems, and remain calm under pressure. 

In 1994, I took the leap to start my own firm. Every previous employer and project shaped my business, the way I treat my employees, and the way we treat our clients. I have the perspective to look at our projects a bit differently, seeing the world through the eyes of quite a bit of people from a variety of backgrounds and interests. This is key to one of our main tenets of BWID's Peaceful Design Process, which is to provide design solutions that are unique to each client.  

I welcome questions and inquiries. You may contact me directly at

Founder of the peaceful design process 

10 Tenets of Peaceful Design

1. Does it eliminate stress for the client?

2. Does the process take the client’s lifestyle into consideration?

3. Does the environment create a sense of calm for the homeowner?

4. Is the environment classic and timeless?

5. Does the environment create a “resort-like” atmosphere?

6. Are the elements of design true to the overall design style?

7. Are the elements welcoming and easy to use?

8. Is the environment true to the architecture of the structure?

9. Is the environment unique and special?

10. Is the client surrounded by things they love?